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Supernatural con in NJ 2013
happy 100th
I went to the Supernatural Convention in Whippany NJ and I had a lot of fun. Jensen finally went to the NJ con after all the other times Jared was only solo. I only bought two photo ops since they are very expensive. The first one is Jensen and me.


The second one is the duo Jared and Jensen and me. I was going for a scared look but it looks more like a sad one. Either way I am happy they agreed to my request.


Look how tiny I am compared to them. I am sure other gals feel the same way.

NJ SPN Con 2011
I had a blast at the NJ con and it was great to see my old friends from last year and make some new ones.

Corin and me.

Jared and me.

Jared, me and Misha.

Matt, me and Richard.

Ricky and me.

Ricky and me laughing.

Steve and me.

I had one more photo-op with Brock. I think I will see it in about a month from now.

NJ SPN con 2010
Edit: I finally have the two photo ops from Sunday. Here they are. Almost two months but at least I finally received the last two photo ops. Chris the photographer is slow as molasses but he does great work.

Group photo with Rob, Misha, me, Samantha & Katherine.

Rob and me.

These were the photo ops I originally had scanned in.

Aldis and me.

Alona and me.

Fred and me.

Matt and me.

Misha and me.

I hope next NJ con will have better luck in the photo op department.

Make me Choose

Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles? I love them both but for different reasons.

Dean or Sam? Dean

Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?
Season 2

Meg or Ruby?

Sam/Sarah or Sam/Jessica?

Bobby Singer or John Winchester?
I love Bobby and I think he is a great father figure for the boys after John died. :)

John or Mary Winchester?
John, he may not have always been around but he did care about his boys. :)

Yellow Eyed Demon or Lilith?
Yellow Eyed Demon

Emo! Sam Or Emo! Dean?
Emo! Sam

Harry Spengler or Ed Zeddmore?
Ed Zeddmore

Shirtless Sam or Shirtless Dean?
Shirtless Sam

Dressed as Priests or Dressed as Police Officers?
Dressed as Police Officers

Cassie or Lisa with Dean?

Jo or Ellen Harvelle?
Ellen Harvelle

Ava Wilson or Andy Gallagher? Andy Gallagher 

Demon Sam or Demon Dean?
Demon Sam

Season 3 Ruby or Season 4 Ruby?
I loved season 3 Ruby and season 4 Ruby is not bad. 

Ben (The Kids Are Alright) or Michael (Something Wicked)?


Wendigo or Phantom Traveler?
Phantom Traveler 

Bloody Mary or Skin?

Hookman or Home?

Asylum or Scarecrow?

Faith or Route 666?
Route 666

Nightmare or The Benders?

Hell House or Something Wicked?
Something Wicked

Shadow or Provenance?

Dead Man's Blood or Devil's Trap?
Devil's Trap

In My Time of Dying or Everybody Loves A Clown?
In My Time Of Dying 

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things or Bloodlust?
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Simon Said or No Exit?
Simon Said

The Usual Suspects or Crossroad Blues?
The Usual Suspects 

Croatoan or Hunted? 

Playthings or Nightshifter?

Houses of the Holy or Born Under A Bad Sign?
Born Under A Bad Sign

Tall Tales or Roadkill?
Tall Tales

Heart or Hollywood Babylon?

Folsom Prison Blues or What Is And What Should Never Be?
What Is And What Should Never Be 

The Magnificent Seven or The Kids Are Alright?
The Kids Are Alright 

Bad Day At Black Rock or Sin City?
Bad Day At Black Rock 

Bedtime Stories or Red Sky At Morning?
Bedtime Stories

Fresh Blood or A Very Supernatural Christmas?
A Very Supernatural Christmas

Malleus Maleficarum or Dream A Little Dream of Me?
Dream A Little Dream of Me

Mystery Spot or Jus A Bello?
Mystery Spot

Ghostfacers or Long Distance Call?
Long Distance Call

Time Is On Our Side or No Rest For The Wicked?
No Rest for the Wicked

Lazarus Rising or Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester?
Lazarus Rising

In The Beginning or Metamorphosis? In The Beginning

Monster Movie or Yellow Fever?
Yellow Fever

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester or Wishful Thinking? It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

I Know What You Did Last Summer or Heaven And Hell? I Know What You Did Last Summer

Family Remains or Chris Angel Is A Douche Bag? Christ Angel Is A Douche Bag

Future episodes that are coming up that I will pick on a later date.

After School Special or Sex And Violence?

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah and Happy New Year.

And it will also be my birthday the day after it so it is a combine celebration for me.